Connecting with your essence


Date to be Confirmed in 2022

Espaço: Universo do Ser

Rua Leite Ferraz, 206

Vila Mariana - SP - Brazil


We will explore the existence of the energy field in which we live and

the interconnectivity with our vibrational frequency; the conscious and
 subconscious, our beliefs, our emotions and suchrea impacts our health, our well-being, emotional state and a way in which we interact with the world.

The workshop is experiential and aims to bring awareness of what it means to live in the present moment; see the world with other perspectives and possibilities on how you can perceive, feel and transform; creating an incredible potential
of self-knowledge, personal satisfaction, growth, and
positive transformations in all areas of your life.

Through interactive exercises and guided meditations, we can experience the world as energy, vibrations and frequencies,
where you can:

• Explore the dynamics of personal impact in the energy field;
• Facilitate your understanding of your own personal vibration;
• Learn how to create patterns of vibrations in your body
and your day-to-day life;

• Access positive emotional memories already stored in your body, your inner resource to open and maintain a higher frequency.

You will be able to act more consciously, recognising the emotions in the body, the reactions governed by these emotions and ways on how to choose emotions that are more aligned with your true nature and with what you want

to create in your inner and outer world. 

You will also have the opportunity (special bonus) of experiencing a

Group Energy Healing Session.

Make sure you reserve your seat as places are limited!