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Tatiana G Dias
São Paulo  - Brazil

"I had the opportunity to get to know Fernanda's incredible work at a very delicate time, while my son

was very ill and doctors could not diagnose on that was wrong with him.

During this period he was hospitalized here in Brazil, Fernanda did some sessions at a distance for him

and at each session we were amazed by the results. Even being on another continent she could see all his energy field and balance every necessary issue.  Fernanda would see and locate issues well before the doctors could figure out what was happening. 

When the doctors were able to identify the same problem, she was already working towards balancing and healing it. 

Today my son is in perfect health and I am amazed and feel grateful for everything she has done for us!

Certainly, her work is done with so much love and comes accompanied by such a special Divine Gift that achieves incredible results,

where often conventional medicine can not reach. It sees the soul, which is essential for healing and change.

What I wish is for this work to become more widespread so that more and more people

have the opportunity to understand it and get to know themselves better."