An Energy Medicine session can address the following issues:

Deal with Stress & Depression
Deal with Emotional Issues & Traumas
Clear Fears & Phobias
Deal with Physical Issues
Increase Focus & Clarity
Deal with Behaviour Issues
Deal with Life's Challenges
Put Life into Perspective
Deal with Anxiety, Grief, Loss & Resentment
Bring Peace and Understanding to Life when feeling overwhelmed
Support when feeling Disconnected from Ourselves, Others & Life Itself
Support Personal Growth
Self-love & Self-empowerment


Personal Healing or Distant/Remote Session

What happens during an Energy Medicine Session?

In an energy healing session, I will access in a safe and gentle way the client’s energy field to identify any imbalances that needs specific attention.


What can you experience during an Energy Healing Session?

The actual experience in an Energy Healing Session varies widely from client to client.  Even the same client can experience each session differently.  A client may sometimes experience a feeling of relaxation, peace, joy or bliss.  Other times, a client can experience some emotional releases or physical sensations such as a warmth within the body, a tingling or even a light vibration.  Also, a client may not feel anything in a particular session, but will notice a shift during the following days and weeks after the session.


How can you feel after a session?

In general, clients leave an Energy Healing Session feeling energised and ‘lighter” as sessions are often deeply relaxing.  But sometimes a client may also feel a little sleepy or tired.

I do advise clients to drink lots of water throughout the following 48 hours.


How many sessions will I need?

I usually advice my new clients to experience 2 or 3 sessions and then re-evaluate where they are at afterwards. 

Some clients feel their goals are met quickly, in one to three sessions; while for others the process

evolves more slowly.

Some clients who are focused on healing a specific issue may choose to see me more often, while others like to have a regularly scheduled "maintenance" session every four to six weeks.


Can I do Energy Healing in addition to other types of healing practices?

Absolutely!  Energy Healing is also complementary to other holistic healing modalities and medical requirements. 

Is it true that I can have an Energy Healing sessions with a practitioner from a distance or remotely?
For sure!  Distance or remote sessions are as effective as treatments in person.
You can be anywhere in the world and benefit from them.
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